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The article “Markham opens Canada’s 1st Municipal milkweed nursery” is an example of how local initiatives can aid in conservation. The goal of the city of Markham is to increase the number of milkweed plants available for the monarch butterflies as they migrate from Mexico back to Canada. The individuals involved in the project are the City of Markham’s mayor Frank Scarpitti, council members, the David Suzuki Foundation and the students from St. Patrick’s elementary school (David Suzuki Foundation, 2016). The nursery is located at the Milne Dam Conservation Park.

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The article “Standing Rock pipeline protesters repelled by force at bridge crossing” written by The Associated Press aims to inform the public on the increasing tensions associated with the construction of the $3.8 billion “Dakota Access” pipeline in Standing Rock Indian reserve adjacent to their primary source of water. The Dakota Access pipeline is expected to carry oil from North Dakota to Illinois which will eventually reach its destination to Gulf of Mexico.

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I have been researching into the lives of serial killers, more specifically their childhoods, to see if there are any similarities in their lives. My objective is to see if any events in adolescence or possibly their childhood environment has affect on their adulthood lives and impulse to kill. Within my research, I have found that there are definite similarities. It is essential in my research to look at not only their childhoods but the period of time, in adulthood, that they killed.

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As one of the strongest hurricanes since 2007 approached the Caribbean islands of Haiti and Jamaica, Hurricane Matthew caused chaos and destruction on the civilians living there.

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