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they're telling bolder and heavier lies


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  Topic & Type of Paper The social issue that I have chosen to write about is the evolution of unemployment from the early twentieth century to today in Quebec. This paper will be analytical. It will analyze what has caused unemployment throughout the years, what solutions were applied and can be applied, and how people live when unemployed.

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A) The topic of this paper is on depression amongst college students. Overall, the paper will mainly analyze the causes and effects of this issue in the United States and Canada, whilst comparing the causes of student depression that are unique to students’ in their respective countries. While also attempting to create solutions that could help solve these issues and make students’ time in college a much more pleasant experience.

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Raised in a patriarchal world of superficial advertisements and mass media, many fail to recognize that men are also negatively influenced and affected by societal norms and gender stereotypes, as opposed to only women. One of these individuals myself, it is not surprising that I had only noticed the underlined impact of Martin Chilton’s Die Hard (1988) film review for the Telegraph after viewing Jackson Katz’s film Tough Guise 2.0.

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Part A) Summary.                                                                                                    

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In the article written by Arti Panel and posted on Huffington Post on August 16th, 2013, “India's Ugly Obsession with Lighter Skin Hits Close to Home, Too,” the issue about fairness, especially in India, is addressed. In the article, the author mentions that she has always been fascinated with fair skin ever since she is young. She grew up with this specific view of beauty so popular in India, as well as in other Asian countries, which is that beauty means fair skin.

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The article that I will be focusing on is entitled “When His Beautiful Wedding Photos Were Used for a Racist Meme, This Man Fought Back” by Margarita Noriega on June 2nd, 2015 for Vox. The article mainly focuses on the internet's unfortunate ability to transform beautiful and personal moments into offensive, racist slurs, and how one man sets the record straight. On September 13th 2014, Adam and Tisa Harris were officially pronounced as a newly-wed couple. Eleven days later, Adam uploaded his wedding photos on his personal Tumblr blog.

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In the article entitled “School Principle Fired after Racist Remark about Black People at Graduation” (Huffington post, May 14th 2015) written by Hilary Hanson explains the controversial phrase that principle Nancy Gordeuk blurted out in front of colleagues, parents and students. On a Friday night in May a graduation ceremony was being held at TNT Academy in Stone Mountain for their senior year class. During the program principle Nancy Gordeuk had made a mistake and dismissed everyone before the class valedictorian got to say his/her speech.

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they're telling bolder and heavier lies