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Saguenay’s mayor Jean Tremblay posted a video of himself on YouTube explaining his outbreak against Greenpeace and “the intellectuals of the world”. He debates that many workers in industries are losing their jobs due to projects that are stopped by Greenpeace, because they affect the environment in Saguenay. "Leave us in peace, says Ms. Tremblay. ‘We know very well what the environment is and we have great respect for nature, but we also want to develop and we want our workers to have jobs."

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               Montreal is a city known for its festivals and grand displays of culture from all around the world. A city in which 3.5 million people call home, however there are some things which can often be overlooked. Quebec has the second highest percentage of Homeless people in Canada behind Ontario. Quebec being at 17.5% and Ontario being 46.9% of the estimated 300,000 homeless people in the country. Many of these people live within a line so entrenched in poverty it’s almost impossible for them to get out without external aid.

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The article “Government of Canada Takes Action to Protect Youth from the Dangers of Tobacco Use” written in Targeted News Service, discusses the restrictions that the Minister of Health is putting on flavoured tobacco products used by youth. Canada was the first country in the world to action on “flavoured additives” that contributed to the making of cigarettes by banning them in 2010 (Government 3). Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Canada. It kills around 37,000 people per year.

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The article “Collie Case Dangerous for CFL and Player” written by Gary Lawless, was published in the Winnipeg Free Press January 28, 2015. The issue discussed in this article is about former NFL player Austin Collie potentially signing on to the CFL to continue his career as a football player even with his history of concussion injuries. Austin has had three concussions during his career in the NFL. Dr. Michael Ellis discusses the issue at hand saying that there is no clear evidence as to how many concussions is too much for a athlete to continue his career.

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The article “Because you’re black': Framboise Patisserie in Middle Village, Queens, hit with $25,000 in fines, penalties in discrimination case” written by Nathan Place, in New York Daily News from September 29, 2013, discusses the case of Jamilah DaCosta and her experience with racial discrimination DaCosta, an African American, was applying for a job at the Framboise Patisserie when the co-owner, Patty Meimetea, told her she wouldn't be a good fit for the “counter girl position” because her skin colour would scare away the customers.

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          The article "Discrimination in Housing Against Nonwhites Persists Quietly, U.S. Study Finds" written by Shaila Dewan in The New York Times from June 11th, 2013 argues that racism against "nonwhites" is still apparent even in today's modern day U.S. society.

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October 1, 2014 Stefanie Maher   Living in “1984”   When teaching the matter of racism, controversy will always be present. Many people do not acknowledge that it still exists and prefer to ignore this harsh reality. That being said, a small but passionate group of people want to expose its prevalence in an effort to eradicate it. Advocates and simply informed citizens fight for the liberation from “RACISM”!  

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The article “Black Youth Arrested by Racist Cops in Rochester, N.Y” by Gene Clancy, in Workers World from December 11, 2013 tells the story of three African American teenagage boys who were arrested while waiting outside a store for the school bus to come pick them up and bring them to their basketball game. The police charged them with disorderly conduct and obstruction even though the boys explained to them they were only waiting on the sidewalk for the bus. Once the boys were being handcuffed, the school bus finally showed up which allowed the coach to get a say in the situation.

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            If we look around ourselves, we will notice the negative images the media advertises.  While watching television, while passing by a billboard on the street, while surfing the Internet and while flipping through a simple magazine, we see how media sells sex in advertisements.   

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I believe that the consequences for those who seriously injure other players should be quite severe for the fact that these injuries can carry harsh effects. With more and more kids getting hurt playing sports this issue is getting more severe.

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