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In Mont-Saint-Hilaire, an important urban environmental issue is the lack of incentive parking which discourages people to take public transport, in particular buses. According to CITVR, they are only two main incentive parking lots in Mont-Saint-Hilaire. However, one of them, the biggest, which counts 837 places, is almost only used by people taking the train. The remaining places are used for intern taxi-buses: they are almost not used by any citizens.

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Gentrification has become a rising issue in diverse parts of the world, this issue is of serious matter as it causes increase in rent for residents who might not be able to afford it. There’s also more to gentrification, on a cultural level, gentrification is also responsible for destruction of buildings which are important to a neighbourhood’s history. In Valerie Vande Pannes article “How Harlem residents found a unique way to fight gentrification” posted on Salon, shows a detailed overview of the causes & effects and ways to fight gentrification in New York City’s East Harlem.

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The article “Embourgeoisement insidieux à HoMa?” discusses the impacts of gentrification in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Firstly, the author outlines the new phenomenon of co-propriety which lead to the loss of multiples housings in this neighborhood. Because of the steep growth in costs, housings are not affordable anymore, so people have to share their rents. This share is what describes the phenomenon of co-propriety. In other words, co-ownership is the division of a housing to make it affordable. According to a study in this neighborhood, co-ownership divides in 2 types.

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In his article “North Dakota Oil Pipeline Battle: Who’s Fighting and Why”, Jack Healy explains the issue surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota and what are the different points of view about this project. The paragraphs below will summarize what he had to say on this issue. This oil pipeline project encountered a lot of protestations since the beginning of its construction. The contestations came from the fact that its trail is supposed to cross the Standing Rock Sioux Tribes’ ancestral lands and to pass under the Missouri River.

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This article is about Trump’s administration who has a conservative worldview and who took off the guidelines for the protection of the transgenders students in public school about 2 months ago. They cannot go in the bathroom of the gender that they identify themselves with anymore. They need to go in the bathroom of their gender that they are born with. This is the actual opposite of what Obama’s administration put in place with a progressive worldview to protect transgenders.

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This is an article talking about how the American election could be a turning point for the marijuana legalization. I’ll just focus on both worldviews concerning this major new possible law. It was written in October 2016 so actions have took places since then but the fundamental ideas are still the same.

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Danielle Stanton wrote the article “Ces Femmes sans Enfants par Choix” for the “Vero” magazine, which is a francophone magazine mainly addressed to women. This article was published on August 14th, 2014 and a summary of Stanton’s paper will be presented through this essay. Here’s the link for the article:  

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