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In 2017, we are quite aware of the human’s pollution and the climate changes that are occurring. Some of the effects related to that are the desertification and land degradation due to the global warming. The most known solution for the moment is to reduce the production of carbon dioxygen gas in order to decrease the temperature of the Earth. Nevertheless, there exist other solutions that could also stop the degradation of our environment.

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On September 14th 2017, Melissa Gaskill who is working at the International Space Station Program Office, wrote an article about how transparent fish called Medaka could help researchers find a solution to the bone density loss of astronauts. This phenomenon is due to the fact that in microgravity, the body does not work as much as when he is on earth. This causes the bone mass to decrease due to insufficient work. To prevent too much bone mass loss, the astronauts need to exercises at least two hours per day and have weeks of rehabilitation.

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