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Little girls from around the globe grow up watching Disney and aspire to be a future princess. I have myself grown up constantly watching Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella. The Disney franchise has a dominating presence in our children’s lives. This then leads for the franchise to have an immense influence on our children’s perception of what is right, what is wrong, and most importantly for young girls, what they should expect when they are older. Disney has provided a very distinct image of the female characters in their movies.

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In a world where medical advancements enable us to save more and more lives, a lot of people are still reluctant to offer their organs after their death to people who really need them to live. Applying a signature to the back of a health insurance card signifies that you allow doctors to harvest organs from your body in order to give them to a person in need, and I think it would be unethical to do otherwise.

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