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I originally wrote my first blog on a Saturday morning when I was hungover and perusing through the internet.  I was looking through the ELF’s (Earth Liberation Front) homepage that involved an interview with a former member who had changed from his violent activist mentalities to that of a peaceful, political one.  He realized after losing time and gaining patience (in jail), that violent and destructive means to a problem only yield more problems.  So here I sit, once again, wanting to spew off bullshit about the government, radical action, God damn George bush…

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Only until recently, or the past decade and a half, has the United States seen such a dramatic increase in “engage[ment] in ecotage—or economic sabotage of inanimate objects thought to be complicit in environmental destruction”, (Vanderheiden, 2005).  The FBI currently lists “eco-terrorist” groups such as ELF (Earth Liberation Front) as the number one domestic terrorist threat facing the USA (Joosse, 2012).  Joosse asks why groups like ELF has received such a negative rep, and looks at something as simple as a moniker.  Take Eco: representative of environmentalism, and terroris

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Are Green Anarchists and ecoterrorists justified in their actions?  Sometimes calling upon violence and destruction to radically achieve their goals, green anarchists often promote environmental issues through swift destruction of private property, sometimes causing millions of dollars in damage to express their opinion.  Combining ecology and Anarchy, many groups have risen to this philosophy.

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