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Human Trafficking and Human Rights: Three articles showing the plausible causes and resolutions to the social issue  

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Don’t be afraid of the unknown and join the world to fight against homophobia            

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Sexism in American Apparel Advertising  

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In this advertisement, one can see two children modeling Gap Kids clothing. Though this ad is not the typical ad used when analyzing the sexism that can be found in advertisements, this is a gross example of how the sexism of society does not only exist when looking at ads targeted to adults but also to ads targeted at young children. There are many reasons as to why this ad is problematic. Those reasons are detrimental to societal views of women and will continue the cycle of women being objects and lesser than men.

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The world is slowly evolving in its technological capabilities and as it evolves, the media becomes a lot more accessible. We live in a society where advertisements can be seen anywhere, from having the company logo on your shirt to having a pop-up on your computer. Nearly any form of communication in our world will have a presence of some sort of advertisement. These commercials can have a great influence in our lives and on our ways of thinking because we encounter at least hundreds of them every single day.

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Gendered World Views 345-102-MQ February 24, 2017 Analyzing an Ad: Women in the Media  

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According to this advertisement if you want to be prepared for summer time activities like going to the beach your body must be as disturbingly thin as this woman's and to achieve this you can purchase this company's protein bars instead of eating regular meals. Whoa, please tell me I miss analised this! Nope, I did not, this is clearly the message this company is trying to convey to women and it is absolutely terrifying.  

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       For as long as we can remember, society has taught us about gender. Through a variety of forms of media, we have learnt how men and women should look and behave. Advertisements play a major role in educating society on gender identity. Though this may seem harmless, we tend not to analyze the messages we are told in detail. What is it exactly that we are being taught to think in regards of gender identity? The denim jeans advertisement by Alexander Wang is as example that shows how advertisements corrupt society’s perception of gender identities.

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This image from 2007 is advertising a fragrance for women by Sean John called 'Unforgivable Woman'. In the photo, a man is forcing himself onto a woman. He is pushing her against a wall and kissing her neck. The woman seems to be attempting to resist him, since her arm is raised, but clearly he is too overpowering for her. There isn't joy in her expression; instead, there is pain. The picture shows a railing for a staircase leading down, meaning that she is perhaps being brought into a seclude and dark basement where she won’t be able to get help.

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In this advertisement conceived by Gucci, a male stands beside a woman and she pulls her panties down while he is clearly attracted to her.  This ad has been banned in the United Kingdom for degrading women. It is obvious that many elements can shock a lot of individuals and its sexual content is shown in a very unique and special way. The male dominance marked by the young man, the submission presented by the lady and the “G”-shaved monogram near the sex of the female represent the effects that the consumption of the products made by Gucci can create.  

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Published in 1792, the 12th edition of William Cheselden’s The Anatomy of the Human Body is unlike any book of anatomy you’ve ever seen. Its size is comparable to a novel you may find on your bookshelf; the 300+ page textbook is approximately 15cm wide by 25cm long and weighs about half a kilogram. It includes detailed drawings (carved from copper plates) of human body parts from the skeletal system to the muscles and even inner organs. Each drawing is carefully labeled and gives the name and a description of the body part.

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During the short trip to the Osler library organized by Marianopolis College, I had the honour of consulting A Guide to the Practical Physician by Theoph Bonet.

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