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In the article “Men and violence”, Dr. Ciaran Mulholland attempts to answer to why men are prone to violence, through a strictly biological lens. Mulholland notes the statistical proof that men commit violent acts more frequently than women and deems it an issue of sex and not gender. He focuses on the inevitable and seemingly natural factors that make men crave dominance. Mulholland mostly voices men’s hunter instincts as responsible for their violent disposition.

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The issue of missing, murdered, and heavily abused Native American women have been a problem in Canada and the United Sates for some time now, and each country/state/province seems to take a different approach on how to deal with the situation, and how to report it.

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            Among various companies, SKYY vodka employs women’s sexualized bodies, in their advertisements. The selected ad showcases a sexually-suggestive woman, in a glamourous setting, serving a faceless man the commercialized product. This controversial ad presents various issues surrounding the social construct of gender that cannot be overlooked.

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Every year since 1929, the Academy Awards ceremony hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognises excellence in cinematic achievements (best actor, best picture, best screenplay, etc.) in the film industry. For actors/actresses, producers or others, receiving this prestigious award means a great recognition of a job well done. It usually translates into better scripts, better pay, more offers, marketing opportunities for future movies and so on.

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