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Lalonde, Jones and Stroink (2008), analyze and study the influence of racial identity and racial attitudes on the socialization approaches and tactics used by black Canadian parents to deal with the racism and discrimination that is present in our modern society, regarding them.

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When the term “abrortion” comes up in a normal conversation between anyone a heated argument usually occurs. It is very hard for a solution to come about when most of the country is 50/50 about an important social issue. As this issue effects the male and female race it is mainly argued by the people that actually have the choice which are females. When it comes to voting women have won their rights and is currently not the problem, the new problem is abortion. Who is against is and who is for it and is it a personal choice?

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Ever hear of Tamir Rice? Well Tamir Rice is a 12-year-old boy that who was shot November 22, 2014 by a Cleveland police officer. On that very day, it is said that an eye witness had called police, saying that a black male (Tamir Rice), who she also referred to as a juvenile, was outside of the Cleveland recreation center pointing his gun at random people.

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Man allegedly shot and killed by police for holding a “gun” up and having drugs on him. Witnesses stated Mr.Scott did not have a gun in his hand , he was holding up a book.

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In the new Versace ad promoting their new handbag is conveying many messages. The first message that comes to mind while looking at this picture is that a woman is only going to be interested in a guy if he buys her a Versace handbag which implies that a woman is a “gold digger”. There is one woman in the picture in contrast to 6 guys that seem to all try to get her attention because she is looking away which suggests that women are not even going to be interested by a man if he does not buy here a Versace handbag.

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People’s opinion regarding the legalization of prostitution differs a lot according to their culture, their views, and their experiences. For some, prostitution is something we should totally not allow. For others, its legalization would bring more good than evil. As Ronald Weitzer discusses in his article “Prostitution: Facts and Fictions”, a popular perspective of prostitution is the “oppression model” which associates abuse, young teens of 13 and 14 years old, violence, drug addicts, and sex traffickers to the subject.

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Color Blind or Blind to inequality               What is race? What makes us so different from one individual to another? Well, before I continue it is important to know that humans greatly differ from each other physically, however we are closer than we might think. In Jared Diamond's article he mentions that basing race on body chemistry doesn’t make more sense than basing race on a physical trait (Diamond, Winter, 1).  

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In 1977, Rita and Doug Swan, both Christian Scientists, did not believe in modern medicine, thinking that having “faith in God” was the only necessary “medical treatment”. According to them, being ill was an illusion, so instead of bringing Matthew, their sixteen months old baby who suffered from severe fevers, to the hospital, they paid a Christian Science practitioner to do some prayers for their baby. The practitioner told the parents that the fevers were caused by fear, and that the baby would recover with the prayers.

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  Stanford rape case   Article: “Was The Stanford Rapist Actually A Rapist?”

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