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Geneviève Léveillé ISSUE ANALYSIS – News summary & Analysis   Abortion: freedom or offense?

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There is as much ways to govern as the number of country there is in the world. As Canadians, we have the chance to live in a country that is governed by democracy. However, as we noticed during the past few weeks, Syrian people are not as lucky as we are. Indeed, the Syrian government would most likely be the author of the use of chemical weapons held against its own people.

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Last week, in Saguenay, some people have spilled pork blood over a mosque. This act is seen as a way for Quebecers to evoke their frustration concerning Muslims who want to bring their own culture in Quebec. With the new charter of Quebec values promoted by Pauline Marois, Muslims are afraid that their rights will not be respected. They think that Quebecers do not want their values in Quebec, for example the port of the veil. They considerate the blood spilled on their religious place as a way of saying that Quebecers do not want them in their province.

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