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            In Karin Brulliard’s article, “Rhinos are having their horns hacked off for art. The U.S. confiscated them and burned them at a zoo” published in the National Post, she informs us that a bonfire in San Diego Zoo safari was made by the U.S Fish and Wildlife service, an agency whose mission is to conserve and protect wildlife, in order to draw people’s attention on the fact that experts are saying Rhinos could become extinct in 15 years.

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        The article I have chosen to talk about is “After serving half his sentence for sexual assault, Brock Turner returns to Ohio and registers as sex offender,” published by The Associated Press. This article talks about a former Stanford University swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman back in 2015. Both Turner and the female victim attended a fraternity party near Stanford in January 2015, the victim was found unconscious behind a dumpster where two passer-byers stumbled upon Brock Turner grinding up against her unconscious naked body.

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