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In today’s life, many seniors are put or decide to be put in hospitals, facilities or hire caretakers to be taken care of due to reasons such as extreme illness, loneliness or other rationales. It is disappointing to say but nowadays, the situation seems to be falling the opposite way as elder’s facing abuse is becoming a major issue. According to data, “between 1998 and 2005, the overall rate of police-reported violence against seniors increased 20%” (Ogrodnik 33).

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The case of the young native Makayla Sault, the girl who refused cancer treatment, raised a lot of debate during the last month. After her first month of chemotherapy, she (and her parents) decided to get on holistic medicine and leave chemo. Unfortunately, Makayla passed away. Her parents claim that her death was caused by the treatment, when specialists blame the cancer itself. Everyone should have the right to decide how to cure (or not) themself, that is why I think not leaving someone make its own choice is unethical.

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As medicine is progressing, newer technologies and processes are being considered. It is some of those progressions in medicine that are being the cause of moral dilemmas. A big example of dilemma that can be taken a look at is organ donation in which of course, a beneficial organ of an individual is removed (with the individual’s consent) and transplanted into a patient having that same organ damaged. Certainly, this method can save and allow hope to new lives but morally speaking, can we consent to it without even having to doubt once?

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A survey about global warning was conducted by New York Times, Stanford University and Resources for the future (“Global warning”). Americans were questioned about their views on the subject and their opinion on what the government should do about it. In general, Americans seem aware of the problem and they are 66% more likely to vote for a candidate who is ready to use new energies and to stop damaging the environment. 83% of Americans believe that if nothing is done to reduce global warming, it will become a serious problem in the world.

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