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In summary, the piece of media which has been selected is regarding the protest against the North Dakota Pipeline in Standing Rock Sioux Nation. Thousands of people have now displayed their support with the first nation community. Protests, marches and rallies have also taken place all over Canada, as a way to display solidarity. Standing Rock Sioux Nation is opposed to the construction of a multi-million dollar project that would transport crude oil from the Bakken oil field, close to the border of Saskatchewan Canada, into the border of Illinois.

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Ask almost anyone on how they think the world should solve the issue of global warming. Odds are their immediate answer will be “use less fossil fuels.” However, recent research has shown that there may be a simpler solution that can be found right on our dinner plates. In the article “Denmark wants to tax meat to help combat climate change” by The Metro, It is reported that Denmark has proposed a tax on all beef products, in an effort to stop climate change.

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There are over 40 national parks in Canada and their fate and management is in the hands of a federal agency. A new report put out by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness society (CPAWS), a charity dedicated to protecting Canadian Wilderness, suggests that recent management has been failing to put the health of the ecosystems above the tourism aspects of the parks. This report is discussed in the article “Watchdog group critical of Parks Canada management” by Gloria Galloway, for the Globe and Mail.

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Ocean Acidification (Intro Music: 30 sec long) Leo:  Hey guys, my name is Leo Chai, host of Nature’s Radio Podcast and       today we will be having a special guest.  Harriet Minc, a biology student from Guelph University,  who is here to answer questions about her research on Ocean      Acidification.           Harriet:            Hi, great to be here today           Leo: Alright, nice to have you here.

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     Why is it that girls are most often considered and encouraged to be like flower petals—beautiful and artsy—instead of stems where complexity and science is a beauty of its own? Why is there a low ratio of girls to guys in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields?

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Article Title: Wind, solar energy real options for Canada's remote Arctic communities Shifting away from dependence on non-renewable energy sources (i.e. diesel) to renewable sources (i.e. solar and wind) is not only better for the environment but also for Arctic community pocket books. Communities living in Canada’s Arctic have the greatest involvement in regards to this matter. Energy companies and government are also involved.

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            What if reducing your impact on the climate can be cheaper than purchasing an electric car, easier than going off the grid, and more convenient than riding your bike to work? Would you take part if science had an answer, even if it meant a small sacrifice in appetite? 

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