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The situation between Pakistan and India can be compared to the one between Quebec and Canada. The Muslims and Hindus caused a lot of violence within India because of conflicting ideas. Therefore, the mainly Muslim parts of India were made into Pakistan. Here, the Muslims could be compared to the French Canadians who want to be separated from Canada. Although the parting of Quebec from its country sounds like a good idea to some, it would not be required as it was for the Muslims and Hindus.

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In my point of view India and Quebec have many similarities regarding their past and present situation about minorities and majorities. First of all, an important event that occurred in India is that England drained India wealth’s by taking their raw material, transforming it in England and then selling the finished product back to in India. Therefore, Britain derived greater profit from India’s resources than they did.

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The territory of Canada and India are similar, yet different in many ways. Both of them have or had a minority and a majority in their country which are separated because of many cultural differences like religion and language. In India, Hindu had a bigger population than the Muslim while in Canada, the English population outnumbers French population.  

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Over the last few decades, society has evelvoved and changed dramatically. Some examples include equal rights for both men and women, equality between all races and the most recent topic of legalizing gay marriage in certain parts of the world. These are all results of society being exposed to different groups of people which allowed them to be more opened minded of certain ideas and ways of thinking. This has allowed for growth, acceptance, tolerance and overall happiness in society.

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Having different religions in society has its advantages because it allows people to believe in whatever they want to. Not everyone agrees on the same things and giving people the choice to have faith in what or who they want to is good. It allows individuals to view certain things about life and death differently. However, some might say that it has more disadvantages than the opposite. Different religious opinions can and has led to wars. That being said, I feel as if having the freedom to believe in what you want is greater than being forced to a specific religion.

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We all know that religion is a controversy subject in society because people have many views, ways, and ideas about it and they perceive it all in a different manner. First of all, I think that it is a topic like any other and everyone should have the right to their own opinion. I do not see why people make such a big deal about religion while many other theme can be such as controversy. In a society it is always good to have many opinion about diverse subjects, so it should be the case with religion.

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