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April 25, 2015 is a date that will never be forgotten by the people living in Nepal.  A 7.9 magnitude earthquake shocked the Nepalese people.  According to the CBC article written by The Canadian Press titled “Nepal earthquake: Stranded Canadian says Ottawa not doing enough to bring citizens home” on the 27 of April, this is the biggest earthquake to hit Nepal in approximately 80 years.  The Canadian government has “pledged $5 million in initial aid” (The Canadian Press) and according to another CBC article written by CBC News also on April 27 at the time of the earthquake “there [were] 462

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Are the representations of marketing advertisements in the media ethical?

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There is always an accountant working for a company. Accountants face many ethical dilemmas depending the type of person they are. An accountant does precise and detailed calculations, and cannot make one mistake. That task itself is already stressful and hard. Accounting information can affect so many things. It can affect the price that a buyer pays, the salary of the workers, the success of products and services (Larson 11). Also, “misleading information can lead to a wrongful closing of a division, causing workers, customers, and suppliers to be [...] harmed” (Larson 11).

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We must eat in order to survive. That is a fact.  Unfortunately the way we feed our self has an impact on the environment.

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