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 “The Mario guide to being a man” article by: Alan Tyers from the Huntington Post UK dated: 11/29/13 is confident when he voices his opinions about the famous Nintendo character: Mario as symbol of an embodiment of the ideal man. The author points out a certain number of personality traits about the famous plumber that make him appear to be the bench mark that a man should strive to achieve. Mr. Tyers also goes as far as to comparing the beloved video game character to a few well-known individuals who are among some of our male generation’s personification of what a real man is.

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The sexual objectivity that is displayed in the numerous American Apparel ads are usually subject to controversy. The image seen above essentially shows how in our day the defining points on how we portray woman with completely different standards to way men are depicted. Woman are mostly presented as objects and trophies meanwhile men are shown as a strong and empowering figure on the other.

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