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The article UN: Climate plans must go further to prevent dangerous warming by BBC News highlights a recent assessment by the UN on the national climate plans put forth by its member states. These plans, called Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), are expected to be a major building block in the formation of a new climate change treaty at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. The UN says that these plans cover about 86% of global emissions, which is a significant increase from the amount covered by the Kyoto Protocol in 2005.

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The article “Humans have already used up 2015's supply of Earth's resources – analysis” by author Emma Howard of the was written to make people aware of our depleting resources.

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Recent studies have shown that popcorn contains many healthy nutrients such as whole grains, fiber and polyphenols that all greatly help with keeping you healthy. Although popcorn is a healthy choice, the popcorn you buy that comes in microwavable bags often contains many unnatural oils, sugar and flavorings that turn your healthy snack into an unwanted junk food.

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