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     Despite the differences that people share between various cultures and societies across the globe, there are still certain values that remain universal that allow us to connect with those that we do not think we have anything in common with. One such value, as cliché as it might seem, is love. This idea of love as a uniting force between cultures was apparent in the film, Welcome (Loiret and Rossignon, 2009). Despite social and cultural differences, a middle class French man was able to help an illegal Iraqi-immigrant try to reunite with his lover in England.

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A woman from Dakar named Diouana has high hopes for a better future in France. While standing on a street corner, she is chosen by a French governess to work as an indentured servant. When Diouana crosses borders into the French environment from her home in Dakar, she is oppressed due to her race and background and eventually loses her identity and sense of self.

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  It is known that China has been very strict concerning the amount of children that a Chinese woman can produce. This law is also known as the “One-Child Policy” and recently, it has been “loosened”. In fact, it has been stated in the BBC article named “China reforms: One-child policy to be relaxed “  that in  the future , couples wanting to have more than one child would be able to if one of them was an only child.

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Are your parents to blame for your drug addiction? The way parents choose to raise their children could have negative effects down the road of adolescence. Researchers Zeinalo et al. (2011) look into the likelihood of a teenager developing an addiction problem regarding their upbringing and conclude their research with an interesting “solution” to the relatively current issue.

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Antonia Biggs & colleagues (2013) constructed and analyzed the results of a study determining reasons why women have abortions. During this study they interviewed  954 women from all over the United States. These women were placed in an exam room for 40 minutes and asked one question, for what reason did they decide to have an abortion? Many women found it hard to identify one solid reason for making the choice that they did. They often provided multiple reasons. When analyzing the data gathered they found there was a wide range of answers given.

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Should a rape victim be blamed if she seduces the man first? This study includes a questionnaire in which participants were asked to measure their attitudes toward the rape victim in the case of stranger rape, date rape, and seduction rape.

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How are threesomes viewed in todays society? While monogamous sex is a given, what happens to how people view you when you add one more? Sexual deviance is a common discriminatory factor when people judge others.

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Nine heterosexual adults are questioned about their perceptions of gay parenting. Most participants do not accept the idea of gay parenting and deem it harmful for the child because the child risks the chance of becoming homosexual. The assumptions prove to be false and display extreme heterosexism rather than concern.

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In the article on BBC News written by Nina Lakhani, the situation of abortion that El Salvador is facing is exposed. It is said that women have the obligation to keep a baby if pregnant, and therefore abortion is illegal. Not only it is illegal but the women who are denouced are accused of murder of their child, and a case of miscarrying is therefore considered suspicious. Women who are denouced are sent to women's prison where they face their sentence for years. Even if a women is pregant by the result of a rape, abortion is not accepted.

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According to an article published the Sixth of August, 2013 in the Globe and Mail, France is debating on extending the ban around the Muslim headscarf to its universities. In fact, complete veiling of the face is already forbidden in public places in France since 2010. The ban is also applicable to Muslim headscarf in the public schools of the country since 2004 in order not to influence young children.

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For decades, gay rights have been a major political and social issue in the United States. What started as wish to be accepted by family and neighbors has turned into a demand for equality in marriage and politics.

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Piper Kerman, a former inmate, argues the Bureau of Prisons’ recent decision to relocate the female inmates of the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution. She expresses how important it is to be connected to the outside world and close to family while being incarcerated. Kerman offers alternatives to relocation.

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