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            In 2015 the First Nations Aamjiwnaang group marched as climate activists in a journey known as a ‘Toxic Tour’ through Sarnia’s Chemical Valley that houses over 40% of Canada’s chemical industry. The valley has approximately 60 oil refineries and factories, packed into an industrial strip along the St. Clair River. The river is directly connected to the Aamjiwnaang lands, with the storage tanks and oil terminals being viewed from this once prosperous area.  The water is so contaminated surrounding the First Nations communities, that they are prohibited to touch it.  

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The article “First Nations, environmental groups to voice Trans Mountain pipeline opposition at hearings” discusses the municipalities and environmental First Nations groups that are opposed to the approval process of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in British Columbia.  They believe that the approval should be overturned and re-evaluated. The risks of this project need to be analyzed more deeply.

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