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             Raw sewage and untreated wastewater is polluting Canada’s pristine rivers, lakes, and oceans at alarming rates – 205 billion liters in 2015 to be exact. It is one of the biggest issues of pollution that Canada is facing in present day. This number is in no way decreasing and in some cases it is increasing. Old systems of water treatment have not been improved in many years, due to limited funding and municipalities prioritizing other local projects.

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            Since approval in 2013, the residents of Bala, Muskoka have been fighting the installation of a hydroelectric generating system by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and Swift River Energy Ltd..  The proposed system would replace the Bala Falls, despite 85% of the residents unsupportive of the project, and calling on Kathleen Wynne for answers. Wynne’s government is pushing for green energy initiative all across Ontario, despite having a surplus of extra energy that sometimes is even sold to United States.

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