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The study of the function of each gene has been the spotlight of biology. Some scientists have been running experiments for years to push their boundaries. With new biology knowledge, new ideas can be executed.  

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New lifeforms discovered that may revolutionize science!

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Felix Morin Stephania Dascalescu Laura Henry Migration and Habitat of Birds     What we already know (from the book Just Cool It!) ·         Poorly situated wind farms, especially ones using older turbine technology, do kill birds, but it<s an issue that can be addressed, it’s not the biggest big killer ·         Fossil fuels, especially coal, are by far the largest energy-related bird killers.

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Should basic coding be a mandatory class in Junior High? Analyst Tim Bajarin discusses the subject.

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Many people think that having more money leads to happiness? Is that really true?  

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***Disclaimer: I am, in no shape or form, promoting the bashing of people who suffer from obesity, or those who have insecurities about their bodies. My aim is to provide a factual and ethical view of what needs to be done in order to reduce and prevent obesity. ***

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