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On November 24th 2016, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has, for the first time in North American history, set up the first successful, energy-producing turbine located at the bottom of the Midas Passage in the Bay of Fundy. The article describes the turbine as 1000 tonnes in weight, five-storeys in height and is able to generate two megawatts of electricity – enough to power 500 homes.

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                The article ‘US tribes work with scientists against climate change’ (published in Al Jazeera) describes an initiative in the South-Central United States that has brought together Native American communities and climate scientists in the race for adaptation to increasing uncertainty in local weather patterns due to global climate change.

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I've read a lot of women powering articles. I've heard about them on the news. It's a topic that might not ever die out. Why? Because it's a topic that changes as the decades go on. As a women, myself, I have great respect for women who have originated, founded, governed, prophesied, created great art, fought for our rights, and for ourselves. These are the type of women we all need to be like. We need to make our own stories and prove that we are equal to men.   

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          This year has seen its fair share of controversy and hate. Gender equality is a topic that keeps coming up and seems to center on women most of the time. More specifically, society tends to see women as generally weaker and more fragile than men. Women are even discriminated in the work place. A woman, who works at the same place and does the same job as a man, will be payed less than the man despite the fact that both of them have the same job. Women are also seen as easy targets for sexual harassment in the work place.

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