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Teen Mental Health is an organization that is about understanding mental health "helping those who need us most." their goal is to help and improve peoples view on mental health. To help those in need that are suffering with the use of develop application ready training tools, publications and certain resources and tools that allows people that want to help and also the people that are suffering from mental health and mental disorders.   

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Many clinics in the states are no longer offer treatment for abortions due to legislative attacks on those who provide these services. Judges have put a temporary stop to certain clinics giving them difficulty to continue the abortion treatment process.  

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According to Researchers people that are bipolar die on average about a decade before someone who is not bipolar. The reasons for them dying so much before is because being bipolar brings its own risks, and other disorders and diseases, such as; COPD, diabetes, unintentional injuries, the flu, pulmonary disorder and much more. A women has twice the chance of dying if she is diagnosed with being bipolar. About 14 deaths per 1000 people die every year but for those who are bipolar it is 24 deaths per 1000 people.

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Some of us may remember wearing those dreaful and plain blue uniforms back in high school. While they had some advantages, like the fact that students had an easier time in the morning to choose what they will wear, I feel like uniforms are, overall, not that great, for they transgress the student's right of freedom of expression. Teenagers are going through a period in their lives where they need to discover themselves and forge their own identity, and one way of doing so is by being able to pick what they dress with.

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