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The discussion over the issue of technology and children’s role as an ever-growing market is the central idea of the article: Children and internet Use: Overview. This overview identifies key terms of the discussion such as “smart device”, “wireless”, and “multitask”. Such terms are now in common usage among the young generation of Canadians. Relevant historical facts are discussed chronologically beginning from the introduction of home television, then video games, internet, wireless, cell phone and Smartphone.

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         Nowadays, we can clearly notice an increase in the number of abortions and especially for the girls less than eighteen years of age. That is why the article I chose to summarize and analyse is about minor girls getting abortions and whether they can keep that information secret from their parents.

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As parents or students we have to choose a school where we want to study and often it is a complicated choice. The main question is: is it better to go to private or to public school? In the article, the author compares school under six categories. One of these categories is enriching course. In private school, they can afford more advanced course or program because they have more resources. Also, private institutions are more selective. Because of these criteria they can reject some students such as students who have lower grade, so they can have smaller classes.

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