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Dams can ruthlessly disturb an ecosystem and destroy its biodiversity, it disrupts the nutrient flow down the river, effectively "starving" the river on the other side of the dam. It interrupts fish migratory patterns, which can annihilate entire fish populations that would otherwise thrive. All of these ecological problems effect the nearby human populations but, the dams are not just killing the ecosystem and its biodiversity, it is killing humans as well.

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Large dams deplete fisheries, harm fish spawns, damage ecosystems, recede coastlines and many other problems linked to damming of our river systems. Not only do they destroy the environment, it appears they also do not make economic sense. The actual construction costs are too high to actually produce a positive return. In addition, they take an extremely long time to build thus making them useless in a crucial energy emergency and the longer the project is delayed the more money is wasted. In other words, dams are uneconomic.

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A dam is a barrier is designed to help control and maintain the flow of water. They are built to minimize flood risks, provide water for towns and cities and in combination with hydroelectric plants to produce electricity, thus reducing the need for fossil fuels. However, the impacts of dams can cause significant environmental issues.

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