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In “Twist on evolutionary theory could help explain racism and other forms of prejudice” (Science Daily, April 29, 2015), the authors explain that a new research model developed by DB Krupp and Peter Taylor of Queen's University and the One Earth Future Foundation found that people who visually differ from the norm of their society become selfless and caring towards those who are similar to them and only slightly malicious towards those who are unlike them.

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  Eye-catching? Check. Influential? Check. Provocative? Check. Sexist? Double check.

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Summary In his article “Cornrows and Cultural Appropriation: The Truth About Racial Identity Theft,” posted last month on August 26, 2015, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explains why the African-American people openly denounce cultural appropriation. He identifies the consequences of this issue more and more present in social media.  

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    Hulk Hogan says his history of using the n-word isn't evidence of racism. It's a byproduct of his upbringing.

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only here for the grades

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