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ISSS: BUILDING AN OUTLINE                                        name: Alexie Diana Coirazza Geneviève Aboud, E-111 a.     Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is Internet addiction. This paper will be analytical since it will examine why and how people become addicted to the Internet. The effects of this addiction on society and solutions to help prevent this problematic habit will be analysed.

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  a. Topic & Type of Paper/Justification of Social Issue   

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Building an Outline   A.     Topic and Type of Paper/ Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is the Rwanda Genocide. This paper will be analytical. It will look at the genocide and the post-traumatic stress disorder within veteran and Rwandan citizens.   The Rwandan genocide is a social issue because it attacks a particular group systematically. The social ideal is (the extreme inhumanity) and the social reality is the genocide (psychological trauma).  

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            The article ''I Have the Big Job of Teaching My Black Children About Police'' written by Rachel Garlinghouse on January 5th, 2015 in The Huffington Post describes a very appalling reality faced by many caretakers of dark-skinned children. The author, a mother of three girls, gives us insight on her experience in having to raise dark-skinned children and the struggle she will face when she must explain that police will not always be who they imagine they are.

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Ernest Owens published an article May 13th, 2015, titled ‘Now Is the Time to Start Talking About Racism in the LGBT Community’, which discusses the inherent lack of people of color in the queer community. At this moment, the United States are determining whether or not the population will be able to marry the opposite gender in all states, but the next issue should be the representation of people of color in the queer community.

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The article entitled “When dating, stick to your own race” by Geraldine Estevez, is an intriguing opinion based text found on Huffington’s blog website (06/01/15). Throughout the piece, the author emphasizes how when dating, although choosing someone of the same race is the easiest solution, since you already have many elements in common, it is not always the right choice. She states that sometimes to find love you must look outside your horizon, thus be open to anyone.

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