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Alan Reifman, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Texas Tech University, posted an interesting article about the sources of stress in a college student's life. As of October 1st of 2011, the post called ''Stress in College Students'' provides interesting facts about which types of students are the most stressed and where that stress comes from. For example, African Americans on campus are the most stressed out class of students due to pressure from their peers and the society.

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In recent years, domestic and sexual abuse has become more evident in the NHL. The most notable stories to have surfaced are those about Semyon Varlamov and Slava Voynov. Both of these men were accused of abusing their partner, and Varlamov was ultimately let off the hook without a single repercussion.

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      This Burger King ad is just one of many sexist ads that have been able to circulate at a This Burger King ad is just one of many sexist ads that have been created to draw the attention of consumers with the goal of having them remember the product. The ad is for Burger Kings’s BK Super Seven Incher sandwich and displays the sandwich in front a woman’s wide open mouth. The writing on the ad is, “It’ll blow your mind away”.

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The article “Experiences of racism associated with weight gain in African American women, study shows” by Boston University Medical Center in the Science daily from March 4, 2014 explains a link between obesity in African American women and racism. The article demonstrates racism being associated with a higher risk of obesity among African American women through lifetime experiences. The article also shows that racism causes stress which makes the victim have an unregularly metabolism which causes the accumulation of excessive body fat.

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