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It has been reported that killer whales in the UK region are contaminated with record levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) – a manmade toxic chemical that is considered stable and commonly found in plastics, paints and electrical equipment. The PCB contamination crisis in the marine food chain was revealed when a whale named Lulu was tested after found dead in 2016 from failing to free herself from fishing lines she got entangled in off the coast of Scotland.

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It appears that the Magaguadavic River in New Brunswick is now running completely empty of wild Atlantic Salmon. This once popular destination for an estimated 900 salmon to enter from the sea to spawn, has seen a rapid decline in the population since 1983 when the Fisheries Department began monitoring the river. The Atlantic Salmon Federation recently released a report outlining the absence in population and deemed this particular part of the river extinct of the species.

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