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Netflix is the new way to experience your favorite movies and TV shows. Before Netflix, cable TV was thought to have it all. It had color imaging, which was an achievement made many years ago, and had live viewing like with the famous TV show American Idol. Although, once Netflix came along we saw an option that had the same features as on TV but was cheaper, more accessible, had no ads, had no scheduled airing time for your most anticipated shows and most of all had original content not found on cable TV.

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Netflix streams a variety of television shows and movies that can be watched at any time you want, unlike with regular TV. This new way of watching your favorite shows and movies have revolutionized the world of visual entertainment. No ads, quality and original shows and movies, and access to entire series at any time is what makes Netflix the best.

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In recent years there have been numerous cases where native women have done missing without any proper investigations. Other First Nation issues such as treaties being ignored or their demands not being met by the current Canadian Government lead by Steven Harper, have been brought up. In my opinion, it is important for the next elected Prime Minister to have their relations and treatment toward Aboriginal Nations a top priority.

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