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My name is Sarah and when I am not glued to a computer screen, I love to read books. My strengths would be that I have a lot of compassion, I got a good sense of humor and I'm kind of great at public speaking. I know 3 languages and I am pretty good with computers. I'm bad at estimating project workload but I always get it done. The News only focuses on bad things and it's alright because there IS a lot of bad things in the world but they should show us more of good things so that people can see that there is also good in this world.
- Thank you for taking the time to read my bio,
Sarah xoxo


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Throughout the semester, most of my research as been directed towards education. This research paper with be analyzing other country’s system and our system and compare them to see what works better and what doesn’t, the goal being to find a way to make school a place where people want to be rather than being a somewhat forced thing. Instead of delving deep into statistics of one way to do it, I will go through a more general idea and talk about 3 issues and ways of fixing them.

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This paper demonstrates how feminism is not what a majority of people think. It gives the real and unique definition of the feminist movement and its history. Feminism did not appear out of nowhere and has a unique goal; equality. In this research paper, there are real statistics and proof on how woman are perceived less than man. There are sections about the influence that society has on the youth, the arranged marriage, the economic wage difference between a man and a woman for the same job, the rape culture and the need of men in the movement.

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The goal of this assignment and research is to provide a general understanding of police brutality in America. The utmost objective of this is to give an intricate view into how the police, over the course of the years managed to acquire such force and authority, how African-Americans have not had their voices heard and are sometimes less likely to speak out due to possible repercussion by the side of police and finally to observe the solutions to a problem currently affecting millions in the United-States.

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An article posted on the “Women’s Agenda”, written by Rob Sturrock, on November 1st, 2017, discuss how men can be involve in the feminist movement. Some may ignore the fact that we need males in the movement but most agree that having males by our side will only make things better. Feminists are only looking for equal rights and not superiority so why not work together?

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Academic Journals and the News  

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Women Aware is an organisation that provides long-term support to victims of domestic violence. It was created in 1995 by a small group of women who themselves were survivors of domestic violence. Their major project is to do a lot of conference and fund raising for this cause. You can volunteer by going to their conference and participate in their actions like “16 Days of Activism”, which consist of 16 days of actions to end violence against women and girls.

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The Auberge Madeleine is a non-profit organization that provides shelter and help for homeless women of 18 and over. It helps women to focus on getting their life back together without having to worry about when is their next meal or where will they be sleeping. They had over 9000 stays since their opening. Their major project is to help as much women as they can. They are looking for different types of expertise to help them. Volunteers are precious to the organization and its residents. You can volunteer regularly or on occasional basis. They have almost 50 volunteers each year.

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The FFQ aims for equality and justice between men and women. The organization wants to erase violence, discrimination, marginalization and exclusion of women in Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 1966 and people joining the FFQ have been growing ever since. Their headquarters are located in Montreal. They have a lot of project but it mainly consists on doing conferences and walk. Their most famous campaign is “12 Days without Violence against Women”. It is 12 days in which group of women goes around their town in Quebec to take action and sensitize people.

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Drones; the Joy of Prisoners? Jail always had a bad reputation on drugs. On TV shows like Orange Is the New Black, we can see that people inside prisons can still have access to drugs. It is the same in reality and might be even easier now. As you can read in this post, there will be an example in Quebec from Montreal Gazette’s article, in the United States from The New York Time’s article and in the United Kingdom from Independent’s article. Drones are mostly made to observe a view from high up but now, they can be used to do contraband into prisons.

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The article written by Ruth Marcus, on The Daily Progress, on September 19th, talks about women being devaluated by men in politics. The article is mostly written about what happened in the US with Hillary Clinton and a House Minority Leader.

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A lot of us have been ignoring this problem for a long time. You’re probably wondering what problem I am writing about. Well, it’s global climate change. By reading this, you will find out what global climate change is and what the consequences are.

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On August 31st 2017, uploaded an article by Thomson Reuters that talks about the recovery of 20 Rohingya women and children bodies from the Naf River in Myanmar. These people were attempting to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh until their boat capsized in the river and sadly, 20 people drowned from this event.

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Venezuela is undergoing a dramatic shift that is being caused by the regime of their president, Nicolás Maduro. This crisis of malnutrition is described in an article posted on April 18th 2017, in Americas Quarterly, by Rachelle Krygier. Krygier explains that this time of “scarcity and malnutrition are a direct consequence of [the fall of the Venezuelan economy]”.

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As if sexual assault victims weren’t silenced enough, the White House has reportedly removed their sexual assault reports “published in 2014 under the Obama administration” from the White House’s website. However, “the report can still be accessed on the Obama administration's archived website.” In an article published in the Huffington Post on Aug.

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The Gap between Two Worlds Have you ever heard about economic imbalance? If you did, then you will find in this article some propositions about what we could do to change that. If you did not, then today you will learn something important. The economy seems to be growing but the thing is, it isn’t for everyone. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. For a common worker, you could work your ass off but still would not get paid for what you did.

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Last Thursday, Robin Camp, a Canadian judge who gained popularity last year when he asked a sexual assault victim why she could not just keep her “knees together”, resigned from Federal Court. It was a rare event in the Canadian justice system and was followed by the release of a report from the Judicial Council which demanded him to be fired.

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My name is Sarah and when I am not glued to a computer screen, I love to read books. My strengths would be that I have a lot of compassion, I got a good sense of humor and I'm kind of great at public speaking. I know 3 languages and I am pretty good with computers.

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