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The article "Discrimination During Adolescence has lasting effects on body”, published by Northwestern University on Science Daily (September 9th, 2015), addresses a study that links the level of cortisol, a stress hormone released by the body, with the accumulation of perceived discrimination over lifetime. In fact, researchers have followed white and black adolescents from age twelve to 32 by measuring the discrimination they perceive as well as their levels of cortisol for seven days when they became adults.

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Get the Hell out of Here: No mixed couples allowed

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            The article ''I Have the Big Job of Teaching My Black Children About Police'' written by Rachel Garlinghouse on January 5th, 2015 in The Huffington Post describes a very appalling reality faced by many caretakers of dark-skinned children. The author, a mother of three girls, gives us insight on her experience in having to raise dark-skinned children and the struggle she will face when she must explain that police will not always be who they imagine they are.

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The article entitled ‘The Science of Race, Revisited’ written by David Freeman and published in the 6 July 2015, analyzes the concept of Race analyzed with the scientific approach. In order to do so, he interviewed Dr. Marcus Feldman, who studied biology at Stanford University.  Thanks to his answers, people may be informed that the term ‘race’, due to its inconsistency, is now replaced by ‘continental ancestry’ for most biologists. This term exists due to the classification of human that began with Aristotle combined with Blumenbach’s classification of the five human races in 1755.

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The article “Racist abuse on rise in football as Lord Ouseley hits out at David Cameron”, published by David Conn on The Guardian (September 2015), addresses the alarming rise in racial discrimination within the Football Association (FA). Those events have been signalled to Kick It Out, the football’s anti-discrimination campaign. The author explains that Lord Herman Ouseley, the president of Kick It Out, denounces the language used by politicians, especially David Cameron. In fact, the United Kingdom’s prime minister had used the word “swarm” to depict people coming from Calais.

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