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Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible for corals to recover from bleaching. Many scientists believe that if a reef was damaged from bleaching that it can be healed from new recurits from close by reefs. The likelihood of a coral to survive after a bleaching event is mainly based on the amount of time that is has been exposed to high sea temperature,  its resistance and tolerance to bleaching and its ability to recover from bleaching. Corals can recover from a bleaching event once they are relieved of the stresses that got them there (i.e.

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The world’s oceans are suffering greatly due to global climate change, coral in particular. About 90% of the heat that comes from global warming goes into the oceans, causing a rise in ocean temperatures. This can be detrimental to the corals that reside here. Coral bleaching happens when corals become stressed by changes in their environment that causes them to eject the photosynthetic algae that live in their tissues, causing them to lose all color and turn white.  When ocean waters raise just one degree Celsius above the highest expected summer temperature, coral bleaching can begin.

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