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In the article “Girl Told She Shouldn't Dress As Elsa 'Because She's Black' Receives Outpouring Of Support” (Huffington post, 06/23/2015) by Julianna McDermott, the author informs us of an incident against an Australian Aboriginal girl who was the victim of racial discrimination at a Melbourne shopping centre. A three year-old girl named Samara was looking to dress up as Elsa from "Frozen." So her mother took her to a Disney-themed event at the Watergardens Town Centre in Melbourne.

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        Colton Valentine published an article in Huffington Post June 9th, 2015, titled, ‘How To Talk To Kids About Racism In America -- With A Picture Book’, which discusses how a picture book brings to attention the idea of racism to young children between the ages of 5 and 8. Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured Black and White America, written by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Jamey Christoph, follows the life of Gordon Parks as he makes his way through Fort Scott, Kansas,  and to Washington, D.C., to express the idea of oppression in the United States.

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The article that I will be focusing on is entitled “When His Beautiful Wedding Photos Were Used for a Racist Meme, This Man Fought Back” by Margarita Noriega on June 2nd, 2015 for Vox. The article mainly focuses on the internet's unfortunate ability to transform beautiful and personal moments into offensive, racist slurs, and how one man sets the record straight. On September 13th 2014, Adam and Tisa Harris were officially pronounced as a newly-wed couple. Eleven days later, Adam uploaded his wedding photos on his personal Tumblr blog.

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In the article entitled “Lack of black players in South Africa team puts race under spotlight before World Cup”(TheGuardian, August 13th 2015), the author, David Smith argues that racial inequalities persist in the world of sports, specifically rugby. In effect, he exposes the debate taking place regarding the quite small proportion of black people in South Africa rugby team.  He begins by pointing out the fact that the racial diversity illustrated in the World Cup ads is not representative of reality.

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