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  The Canadian mental health association and the Canadian association of colleges and university students services are docmenting a paper, for students who have mental issue and support their illness.  These resources are a post secondary students mental health it will lead to an approach,  that will help college students and university to understand and support their illness. 

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The article talks about A Panel of medical experts have determined that an experimental insomnia drug from the company Merck & Co is now safe and effective. Despite claims from trial runs that the pill causes daytime sleepiness and difficulty driving. The panel voted that the drug helped patients get to sleep and to stay awake. Merck and Company has suggested a 10 milligram dose but the FDA has asked for a reduced dose

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Depression is a mental state and condition that adversely affects a person’s behavior, thoughts and mental well-being. Generally, depression causes sadness, anxiety, emptiness and/or restlessness. A lot of times, depression can be a very crippling mental illness, because it is one of those few ones that are difficult to even notice, let alone diagnose properly.

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