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Today’s society has a problem on it’s hands. Indeed, the lack of women in high positions in scientific disciplines like engineering or mathematics isn’t something that can be ignored. Even  though women perform equally well or even better than men in lower levels of education, when entering the world of work, the gap is widely noticeable.

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            Canada may have a very high rate of enrolement for post-secondary education, but it does not erase it’s multiple flaws. The three major flaws that have been increasing noticed among the federal government has been: the accessibility, the quality of education, and financing education in general. An article that was written a while back “Education in Canada: Current Issues” by Helen McKenzie published in May 1994 brought the attention of Canadians to acknowledge that the educational system is better than before, but has a long way to go till it can be percieved as perfect.

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In the article “Raising the Bar for Education Standards Is Necessary” by Cheryl Oldham on Huffingpost suggest that there is a major gap between the education level in different states.

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  After soon finishing another semester at Champlain College, a pattern is easly discovered. Some students succeed, some fail to succeed, and some dropout. As to why? There is numerous reasons, but overall, when life satisfation is not fulfilled, academic success decreases.

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In today’s life, many seniors are put or decide to be put in hospitals, facilities or hire caretakers to be taken care of due to reasons such as extreme illness, loneliness or other rationales. It is disappointing to say but nowadays, the situation seems to be falling the opposite way as elder’s facing abuse is becoming a major issue. According to data, “between 1998 and 2005, the overall rate of police-reported violence against seniors increased 20%” (Ogrodnik 33).

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Has school been on the bottom of you to-do list, or completely not on it? Either way, continuing to read will defenetely help increase your motivation to obtain a high school diploma! As it may be a surprise for many, high school dropouts rate are still high. In an analysis that was conducted in 2012 till 2013, it was found that in Washington, only 81 percent of students obtained their diploma. Although it does not seem like a low percentage, it is the equilvalence to having one student in five not accomplishing high school.

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As published in the Montreal Gazette on March 5th, 2015 in an article called “Quebec renews $9-million investment to fight poverty” written by the journalist Geoffrey Vendeville, the Quebec government decided to renew its investment of 9 million against poverty but also social exclusion in the city of Montreal. They first wanted to reduce that budget but after many discussions they decided to give it again this year. Last year, this amount of money helped an estimation of 350,000 people in need.

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           Youth Fusion is a charity, which aims to lower school dropout rates by finding point of intrest between school system and its community. In 2007 and 2008, the organization decided to visit and focus on schools across Québec whom had higher percentage of dropouts and students were poorly performing. Thus, the charity was ably to influence students` participation in extra-curricular activities that Youth Fusion offers.

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The Santropol Roulant was founded in 1955 by Chris Godsall and Keith Fitzpatrick. They were both waiters at Café Santropoul and were seeing the youths leaving Montreal in search of jobs because of the high unemployment rate in Montreal at this time. The idea of meals-on-wheels came up during these hard times with their desire to see a project run by young people. Nowadays, the Santropol became an organization providing numerous volunteer opportunities.

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               Montreal is a city known for its festivals and grand displays of culture from all around the world. A city in which 3.5 million people call home, however there are some things which can often be overlooked. Quebec has the second highest percentage of Homeless people in Canada behind Ontario. Quebec being at 17.5% and Ontario being 46.9% of the estimated 300,000 homeless people in the country. Many of these people live within a line so entrenched in poverty it’s almost impossible for them to get out without external aid.

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Patience, and repeat. Patience, and repeat again. Repeat until the person with Alzheimer`s disease have stopped asking. This is what I have been telling myself, and probably many other caregivers too. The United States of America itself have over “5 million [people that] currently have a degenerative brain condition”. We would think that specialists would have found a cure, but research has shown that the percentage of people being diagnosed “continues to spiral upward”.

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Article: “Why aren’t Canadians camping anymore?” by Adam Bisby, published on February 9, 2015 on The Globe and Mail. Link:   In my family, like many others, camping serves as a calming release from the fast-pace mentality of urban society. 

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In the business world, it’s a dog eat dog world. Where big corporations ultimate goal is to make the most amount of profit with little to no expense. Having factories in developed countries would cost them a lot more money because of high labour costs and stricter laws and regulations to follow.    Therefore, companies take advantage of low wages and outsource their productions to third world and developing countries where it would be inexpensive to produce.

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Animal testing in pharmaceutical industries has been an ethical issue for some time now. The debate is mainly based on the fact that should we test medical effects on animals or not. In pharmaceutical science, scientists test drugs on animals like mice, rabbits, cats, or dogs to study their side-effects and efficacy. The experiments are actually extremely important because the drugs will be later used by patients in desperate need. In laboratories, the methods of testing are very limited, animal testing is more accurate since human and animals have a lot in common.

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          Beauty Pageant contests are often perceived as an unrealistic perception of beauty. As Anne Thornley-Brown explained in the article on HuffingPost that was posted January 28, 2015 “How the Miss Universe Pageant Promotes Racial Biases and Beauty Stereotypes” represents an idea of the Pageants worst than unachievable natural beauty. Although beauty pageants such as Miss Universe and Miss World are negatively spoken about, they are at some point positive. It helps young women feel confident and boost their self-esteem.

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On an article published on September 17, 2014 untitled Teen suspended after selling non-diet pop from his locker, CTV News give an example to show how North American are addicted to junk food. Indeed, they describe the story of Keenan Shaw, a 17-years-old teenager from Winston Churchill High School, Alberta, who got suspended for selling a prohibited, but popular, drink called Coca Cola.  Everything started when his school decided to adopt a nutritional guideline that bans regular soda pop while allowing the diet one.

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           Fur hat, fur boots, fur coat, are all cozy for the cold Canadian winter. The real question is, do we need it? Is it worth the life of an animal for materialistic items that could be replaced by a non-killing method of obtaining the same products and result? As Gabriel Wildgen described in his article “Opinion: It`s time for Canada to ban fur farming” published in the Montreal Gazette November 20, 2014, proves how irrational an entire country can be to accept it the "Fur Farm Industry".

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In the article "McGill Researchers Recommend the 'NuVal' Food Rating System" from CTV News, it says that food labels are too complicated to understand and to evaluate for normal consumers. Therefore, people do not refer to them when they buy their food so they do not do healthy choices. The consequences are that a lot of people are diagnosed with obesity while Canada’s food labels could be change to be simple to read. The NuVal system is proposed and has been proved to work well.

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