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Ryan Smith                                                                 Decline of Wild Bee Podcast

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    Daniel Brennan wrote the article “Why Your Good Study Habits Are Wrong” on December 22, 2013, in order to give tips about studying. According to her, a lot of parents have strong opinions about how their child study and want them to finish their homework as soon as they get back home.

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Have you met Molly?  

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Are video games really that bad?

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In the Academic Journal Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, Shan Jin, Nazeem Muharjarine, Jennifer Cushon and Hyun J. Lim wrote an article on March 1, 2013 named “Factors Associated with Childhood Depression in Saskatoon Students: A Multilevel Analysis”. They chose to investigate the whys behind childhood depression because most adults nowadays affected by depression have most likely suffered from mild to high level depression as children.

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The children of today are exposed to the Internet, and all of its wonders, far more than ever before. Is this ever increasing usage of the worldwide-web a positive or is it hindering the long-term development of these youths?

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Why do so many people hate skateboarding? Some cities are going to great lengths to try and stop it. Should they be focusing on something else?

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When we hear stories or read articles about teen depression, there is often a heavy emphasis put on girls. This emphasis is often due to self-esteem issues teen girls have when comparing themselves to impossibly skinny supermodels that embody our society’s image of an attractive woman. Furthermore, teen girls are often more expressive, not only vocally but also with their body language about their depression. I choose to focus more on what makes teen boys depressed because I feel that it is important to take both genders in account when studying an illness.

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Making all public college tuition free would cost significantly less than what our federal government currently spends on tax breaks and financial aid alone.

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An un-ordinary hero stands against bullying with no more motivation than just being a concerned parent. I think we can all be these unordinary, undiscovered heroes. All we have to do is speak out.

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