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Today’s society has a problem on it’s hands. Indeed, the lack of women in high positions in scientific disciplines like engineering or mathematics isn’t something that can be ignored. Even  though women perform equally well or even better than men in lower levels of education, when entering the world of work, the gap is widely noticeable.

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On the 18th of April 2015 at 2PM, Justice Femme, a non-lucrative organization, put together a meeting that included four panellists and 80 women to talk about how one should defend herself after being threatened on the street for wearing a hijab.

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     Over a year ago, I started volunteering on a monthly basis with Greenpeace, the Phare de Longeuil working with homeless people, and the Santropol Roulant collaborating with elderly and xenophobic people. I always really enjoyed it, but recently, I came to realize that I wanted to engage myself into a greater commitment, something that would maybe not reach a lot of people, but that could have a greater impact on one individual. I wanted to meet and share with someone experiencing a different reality, or at least, more than I was used to.

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Little girls from around the globe grow up watching Disney and aspire to be a future princess. I have myself grown up constantly watching Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella. The Disney franchise has a dominating presence in our children’s lives. This then leads for the franchise to have an immense influence on our children’s perception of what is right, what is wrong, and most importantly for young girls, what they should expect when they are older. Disney has provided a very distinct image of the female characters in their movies.

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In today’s era of technology, media has become a crucial part of our lives. It surrounds us through various mediums such as TV, radio, Internet or newspaper. However, in recent years, the extent to which media permeates our lives has raised many concerns regarding the effects it has on our society. One such concern is the gender gap in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (abbreviated STEM) caused by the underrepresentation of women by the media.  

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Previous article An article published 3rd of February, 2015, and written by philosopher, scientist and mathematician, Cailin O’Connor, stated that women are often under the pressure of stereotype threats. Studies have shown that these threats caused women to perform less well on tests and that they may be be the reason towards the low range of girls to start college with advanced calculus and the low percentages of women to live a professional life in engineering, mathematics or in various other sciences.

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“Dog recovering after being shot, tied to train tracks in Florida” by The Associated Press published March 15, on CTV News.

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Original Titile:Raise the smoking age? Report predicts big health benefits if we do Written by: Joseph Netto Appeared in CNN news Published on friday March 13th 2015  

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Original Title: We don’t know for sure that pesticides are killing the bees. But we know enough to worry. Author: Puneet Kollipara News Outlet: The Washington Post Date of Publication:  March 5, 2015  

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Operation Smile is a non-profit organisation which its mission is to ensure safe cleft lip and palate surgeries for children all across the globe. Children that are born with cleft have poor chances of surviving if nothing is being done about their condition. The ones that do survive though need to struggle to be able to live happily, as they have major difficulty eating, speaking, hearing and breathing properly. This organisation has been active and successful ever since its starting in 1982.

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For the past few days, many news articles have put much interest into the recent measles outbreak that has surfaced around California and Quebec. This new problem has triggered the debate about whether or not vaccination is good or bad, as this situation gives new reason for parents to vaccinate their children. Many news articles that focus on the measles outbreak have very different ways of describing the situation depending on the location they were written in the world.

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Cailin O’Connor is the writer of the article “Are Women Worse at Math? It's Time to Stop Asking” from the Huffington Post. Today, she is a philosopher, a scientist and a mathematician and there is no doubt that she is very knowledgeable and at ease towards these various subjects. On the other hand, while she was an undergraduate at Harvard University, she was asked to take a math test. As a well-educated student, this simple requirement would have been done without hesitation, but something came across her mind and, without thinking, she said that she was bad at math.

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On an article from CTV News named School Boards Have to Make Budget Choice, Says Yves Bolduc published on August 28, 2014, Quebec education minister Yves Bolduc made a controversy by saying, on August 26, to the French newspaper Le Devoir that there was enough books in school libraries. This source is reliable because, the day after, Bolduc himself went on national television to restate his position by asking librarians to spend as much on books as the previous years.

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Since this November, the top priority for the Republicans from the U.S. is to start the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The main argument for Keystone’s construction, according to their Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is that the new establishment will be convenient for the middle class and will literally “pump billions” of dollars to the country (Reuters). On the other hand, there is only one thing that obstructs their plans. President Barack Obama has the last word on the matter and all signs indicate that he is more susceptible to deny the whole procedure.

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On an article published on September 17, 2014 untitled Teen suspended after selling non-diet pop from his locker, CTV News give an example to show how North American are addicted to junk food. Indeed, they describe the story of Keenan Shaw, a 17-years-old teenager from Winston Churchill High School, Alberta, who got suspended for selling a prohibited, but popular, drink called Coca Cola.  Everything started when his school decided to adopt a nutritional guideline that bans regular soda pop while allowing the diet one.

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Most have heard of the great garbage patch found in the Pacific Ocean, however, many have not realized of the immensely large garbage build up found in the Atlantic. Richard A. Lovett illustrates the issues of the garbage found in the Atlantic in the article, “Huge Garbage Patch Found in Atlantic Too,” National Geographic News, published in March 2010, one can see the affect of having one major news story contribute to the disregard of an other.

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Rare can a habitation be as environmentally friendly as the four Harrington sisters' barn. Located in Bradshaw, Nebraska, the farm building has a windmill and many solar panels that plaster the roof to provide clean energy. Unlike the exterior of the property that seems harmless and peaceful, the interior shows a much more aggressive side. Indeed, covering the walls of the residence there are multiple signs with slogans such as "Build your Energy" and "#NOKXL", in protest of the construction of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline.

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