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There are a lot of Shinto shrines in Japan, and lots of foreign tourists are interested in them. Shrines are visited during special events such as the New Year, Shichigosan,which is a Japanese annual event to celebrate health growth and wish longevity for three and seven-year-old daughters. Many couples hold their wedding ceremonies there and new born babies are traditionally brought to a shrine a few weeks after birth to celebrate their bath. People visit shrines in order to pay respect to the gods or to pray for good fortune.

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One of the biggest debates right now is about the legalization of marijuana. It shouldn't be legalized because of the effects that come with it. It's in the same categorie as alcohol. It's not a safe way to stop the illegal traffic because consumers will turn themselves to different drugs witch are even more unsafe to use. It's important at this point to see how hard it is to completely stop an illegal activity such as drug dealing. People will always find a way to buy this drug even if it's considered legal.

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