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Video games and film industries become educational institution for young boys to teach violence in North America. Almost every year mass shootings make news headline in America.  Girls are influenced by sexiness and beauty of Hollywood movie stars while boys imitate the violent behaviours of the video games and movies characters in their real life. We introduce violence to boys at very young age through movies like American movie “Kung Fu Panda” in which characters are fun for kids to watch, but in the mean time they are exposed to violence situations.

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The article Dueling narratives in Michael Brown shooting, by the 9 writers who contributed to the article such as Eliott C. McLaughhlin and Joe Sutton from the CNN U.S News website on September 16th, 2014 explains the different versions that the police and the witnesses gave to what happened before the shooting that killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri.

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In the movie “Missrepresentation” it talks about gender socialization.  Women are expected to be beautiful.  For women family obligation is prioritized than career. Women have to sacrifice their education and dreams in order to meet this social expectation.  

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