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    There is so much problems on the planet that could be overcomed by stronger wills of inhabitants. Most problems that we face nowadays are caused by men “cleverness” that sometimes can be very destructive. The planet is starting to age, because of her tiredness of men’s fights. Citizens, children, women, men, foreigners are tagged, but  now it is time to stop putting names on what we see and start being one whole that support each other. Oxfam

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In my latest project, I studied what are the problems in our everyday lives that keep us from going forward in the gender equality matter. I looked at impartial articles on gender studies, men's studies and sociology to find the general causes of gender inequality in our social environment and found out that the major factors in that issue were that women are expected to work a double shift of work when they get home because of gender role. Also gender generalization in our society prevents us from being equal with everybody who doesn't fit the mold our society puts them into.

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Inequalities have always been a major part of our modern society. We all know that some people own more than others. Recently, a report came out revealing that 62 people own the same as half the population worldwide. This report was written by an organization named Oxfam.

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I have decided to do my volunteer work with an organism related to homelessness. After doing some research on the volunteer opportunities close by, I chose to contact the Accueil Bonneau situated in the old Montreal. This organism has as a goal to welcome any homeless person or anyone who is at risk of homelessness by daily journeying with that person in responding to his basic needs and helping him achieve a better quality of life and well-being. The work I did there was to serve the people who came to have a lunch during the second service of the day.

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Lately, I have been working on different inequalities in our world. In fact, disparities are present in all countries and in all social classes. Because, as for me, this subject is important, I decided to volunteer into one of the most important inequalities-fighting organization: Oxfam. I will indeed take part of the annual Marche Monde in Montreal. I will be walking and informing Montreal youth about disparities in the world.  

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  Lately, I have been working on inequalities we can find in the world. In fact, inequalities find anywhere in our daily life: we are indeed all subject to inequalities. To slow down their spread, many people put forward ideas all around the world. One woman is distinguishing herself by her flawless speeches and her work towards women’s rights: Emma Watson.

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Inequalities have always been part of our world; some people will always have more than their neighbor. Indeed, the organization Oxfam recently released a report proclaiming that “48% of all global wealth is now held by the top 1% [of the world population]”. As individual, we try to understand this problematic and to slow down its growth. To do so, most of the time, we turn ourselves to the mass media. However, most of them tend to draw only a negative picture of the planet’s economic situation and don’t offer any relevant information concerning the resolution of the issue.

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Since we are little, we are aware that we are lucky to have the lifestyle we live daily. We also know that other kids in poorer countries cannot have this chance. Indeed, on January 18th 2016, Oxfam published a report about inequalities and poverty worldwide. This report reveals that more than 25% of the money made in United Kingdom annually is in fact owned a thin percent of the British population.

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  In the article "Let's Welcome Refugees Generously, but Abandon Multiculturalism", published in the Montreal Gazette on September 15, 2015, the lawyer Julius H. Grey share his opinion about the attitude of our societies towards the refugee waves in the world. He explains why people should be more open to taking refugees. Most of people are not open to this idea. They think that those people will steal their job, bring problems or destroy their culture. It is clear that those refugees are hard-working in the majority and they are themselves running away from problems.

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Hi everyone! Today I want to share an amazing volunteering opportunity in Montreal with you. This opportunity takes place in the organization called Oxfam. First, what is Oxfam? Oxfam is a major organization worldwide. Women’s right and fighting against poverty are their two major values. They aim to empower the population in order to be able to build a world without poverty. They believe that all human beings are equal, deserve to live in the same conditions and enjoy their full human rights. 

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On November 13th 2015, more than 130 people were killed by a group of shooters in the capital of France. This event had been covered massively worldwide for a long period of time. In fact, depending on the country, this news raised different reactions from both the population and the politicians. In Europe, the attacks were described as a barbarous act of war.

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      This Burger King ad is just one of many sexist ads that have been able to circulate at a This Burger King ad is just one of many sexist ads that have been created to draw the attention of consumers with the goal of having them remember the product. The ad is for Burger Kings’s BK Super Seven Incher sandwich and displays the sandwich in front a woman’s wide open mouth. The writing on the ad is, “It’ll blow your mind away”.

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In France, there is a committee discussing the French language and its grammar, named the Académie de la langue française, known in English as French Academy. The members of this council agreed about the changes that will be made on the language. Lately, the Académie revealed a new report changing some of the basics of the French language. On February 5th 2016, we could read about this news in the article French Spelling Changes, 26 years in the Making Cause a Fracas by Dan Bilefsky in the New York Times.

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A) The topic of this paper is on depression amongst college students. Overall, the paper will mainly analyze the causes and effects of this issue in the United States and Canada, whilst comparing the causes of student depression that are unique to students’ in their respective countries. While also attempting to create solutions that could help solve these issues and make students’ time in college a much more pleasant experience.

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2015 was fulfilled with a lot of upsetting news; we just have to think about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Unfortunately, some people can generalize those news and commit deplorable actions. Indeed, on December 20th 2015, we could read the article “Hate crimes against Muslims rise in UK” by Margaret Evans on CBC News and learn more about those deplorable actions.

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2015 was an unprecedented year for weather. We all noticed it: the weather was more than unusual, it was alarming. We knew something was going on with Mother Nature, but we did not know how bad the situation actually was. Then, at the beginning of 2016, we knew what was happening.

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     Recently, a lot of serious problems have been happening all over the world. Do you know anything about refugees? I think the refugees’ problem is the most serious problem. I think most of the young people don’t know much about the problem. Actually, I didn’t know anything about it. That’s why I focused on the refugees from Syria, and researched about their present circumstance, so I will mention about it. And also, I will tell you about Japanese Prime Minister’s opinion and my opinion.  

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After the Commission on Reasonable Accomodation (Bill 94) was announced in 2007 and the charter of Values of Quebec (Bill 61) was broadcasted all around radios and televisions by the Parti Quebecois in 2013, Muslim citizens have been going through a lot of obstacles. They have been misunderstood, and still are, because of their names, their looks, but mostly because of their religious faith. Hijabi women feel menaced by vicious looks in public places or simply when walking on the streets. Many Muslims are suspected to be “terrorists” only by the spooky feeling Arabic names give to them.

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