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  The article called “Female Feticide in India” written by Ahmad Nehaluddin obtained from the ProQuest database talks about certain countries aborting babies depending on the baby’s gender. This article takes place in India and it is common that mothers kills their babies because the baby is a female.    For female feticide:

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The article which I’ve chosen is not the one which stand out most, or is most intriguing. Instead I chose which I believe to have the most importance. The author discusses the issue of masculinity in the media and how it is portrayed. To back up their point the author simply turned to national polls where 10-17 year olds were asked questions about programs they see. Over half of the sample TV shows reported violence, 74% of males in programs displayed behaviors such as ridicule, lying, aggressiveness or defiant acts.

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In June of 2015, Julianna McDermott posted the shocking article titled as “Girl Told She Shouldn’t Dress As Elsa ‘Because she’s black’ Recieves Outpouring Of Support”. Rachel Muir, an Australian aboriginal, and her daughter Samara attended a Disney-themed event at a shopping center in Melbourne. Samara dressed up as her favorite Disney princess Elsa, in excitement for the event.

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In the article entitled "School Principal Fired after Racist Remarks about 'black people' at Graduation," written by Hilary Hanson, published on May 5th 2105, posted on the Huffington Post, talks about a women named Nancy Gordeuk, a school principal being fired after making racist remarks about 'black people' at a high school graduation. During the graduation, Gordeuk accidentally dismissed the crowd before letting th valedictorian give their speech. Gordeuk asked and tried to keep the families from leaving.

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