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Life saving... World peace... attacking style: head on, obviously. People are bias, so tell it. AND I'm a pretty fabulous sniper on MW2.
Keep it true, keep it authentic, keep it to it's roots.


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Throughout the semester, I have been working on recapping news articles that have been talking about natural disasters that have been happening in North America. More specifically, I have been talking about flooding’s in Canada. This research paper will attempt to figure out what can cause these major flooding’s because, in Canada, flooding’s are the number 1 natural disaster and it is needed for us to know what can cause this so we can attempt to find solutions to prevent these from happening.

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the goal of my article was to find out the leading causes of the stock market crash, the current state of the economy and how it can be prevented aagain. I began by talking about the deregulation of the market starting in 1980 which facilitated the practices that caused the crash. Then I explained the extreme market competition at the time and the different financial instruments used to increase profit by increasing the risk banks took.

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On March 22,2016,Nachshon Goltz,from Canada-United States Law Journal wrote about how we Canadians could seriously benefit from the legalization of recreational marijuana. In this article he first develops on the smoking patterns in Canada.Goltz demonstrates that the use of marijuana is widespread amongst canadians and that the current system in place is thus not an effective deterrent.

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Frigo vert is a public space, managed collectively that belongs to no one or groupe. It is a

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Défi Sportif Altergo,is a committed, competitive and driven organisation, “dedicated to the social inclusion of athletes with functional limitations.” They have a positive effect on these athletes, by  giving them the opportunity to compete in competitions at a high-level against people who have been going through the same thing as they are.

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  People who have more education tend to earn a greater amount of money than those who don’t. It should come as no surprise then that Doctors, who are required to study far longer than most professions, make more money than most other professions too. They are often held in high esteem too, due to the required effort and high grades that are needed to succeed. Keeping this in mind, why are doctors paid so much in Quebec? From all my research I can clearly distinguish 3 reasons why: Training, high country income and competition  

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On Juin 6,2014,Daniel Gritzer a Culinary Director,from Serious Eats wrote about how you should store bread to slow down the process of going stale. In this article he extensively explores this phenomena, that has recently taken on a lot of interest. He first introduces the science behind bread going stale. Gritzer explains that there are two factors that cause bread to become hard.

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March 26, 2017, Maureen Dowd, from Vanityfair, wrote about Elon Musk’s billion dollar crusade to stop AI. In this article she depicts Elon Musk as one of humanity's saviours or at least someone that needs to be heard seriously. She introduces the idea that AI or Artificial Intelligence may seriously enable actual scenarios from our worst horror movies. She does this through the introduction of Elon Musk’s views and opinions.

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A subject on the rise in the last few years and the cause of many debates is the question of whether or not meat is good for you. Reader's Digest's expert Chris Woolston wrote an article on the matter and gathered some factual information from different reports and studies in order to bring some clarity on the topic.

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Friends For Mental Health "is a non-profit community organization that provides families and friends with the support, information and education they need to help them cope with a loved one’s mental illness."     This organization offers many services in regards to Mental Health support.          They offer: 

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Life saving... World peace... attacking style: head on, obviously. People are bias, so tell it. AND I'm a pretty fabulous sniper on MW2.
Keep it true, keep it authentic, keep it to it's roots.

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