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Two Canadians, a doctor and a filmmaker, were arrested and held in a prison in Cairo, Egypt. The two men were present in downtown Cairo on their way to Gaza to train emergency room doctors and hope to film a documentary about it while violence between the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces was taking place. As they stopped to ask for directions back to their hotel after curfew at a police station that night, they were accused of being part of the Muslim Brotherhood. These men were had a number of false allegations held against them and were imprisoned.

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The issue of marijuana legalization/decriminalization in Canada having been brought to public attention recently by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, journalists Tobi Cohen and Andrea Hill of the Vancouver Sun in their article "Not everyone high on pot's economic benefits" thought it appropriate to clarify both sides of the argument concerning this issue on a financial standpoint. The medical aspect of marijuana use/consumption is not treated in the subject article or in this post.  

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    Since the end of August, the United States has accused the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of attacking his own citizens with chemical weapons and on September 4th, President Barack Obama has been given the right to use military force by the Senate. However, the mission shall not exceed 90 days and soldiers shall not disturb the peace of the country.  

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