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Canadians responded in a big way when it comes to Bell's Let's Talk Day, they sent out more than 96 million, texts, tweets and Facebook statuses. As Bell promises to donate five cents for each of these communications, the company has announced that on Wednesday it will be donating more than $4.8 million for Canadian mental health programs. Bell first launched Let's Talk initiative in September 2010 with a goal of raising $50 million over five years. Today, the company is now committed in investing $62,043,289.30 in Canadian mental health.

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Professor Green has caused an online controversy by claiming that bulimia is "an intelligent eating disorder" on Twitter. In a tweet that he posted on July 28th, he has stated that "bulimia is quite an intelligent eating disorder... it'd be easier just to chew food and spit it out but still, you get to eat whatever you want and stay skinny. #winning." He later responded "queue all the people who start telling me how intensive I am and how bulimia jokes aren't funny yadda yadda yadda..

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Article title: Eating disorders on the rise in Canada, as sufferers wait for treatmentArticle link: username:

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A study done by SANE Australia reports that the stigma along with the discrimanation against people who suffer from mental illness is widespread and harmful to recovery. The new report A Life Without Stigma is there to tackle stigma and any sort of discrimanation associated with mental illnesses in which they state is extremely vital. According to Jack Health, CEO of SANE Australia "Stigma is a major issue for people affected by mental illness, influencing how they are viewed and how they view themselves." "It is destructive, hurtful, and excluding.

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