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Muslims and Quebecers were both minorities in their country that wanted their own separated territory. Both developed some similar nationalist arguments. The main argument the Muslims were using has been explained by Jinnah in his most famous speech. He was saying that “it is the clearest statement of ‘the two-nation theory’, that Hindus and Muslims were more than two religions; they were two nations” (Bary and Hay 228). This argument is very similar to the one that the inhabitants of Quebec are using.

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In my opinion, having different religions in our society brings cultural richness. Being exposed everyday to a diverse population allows one to become more tolerant towards people with different values and beliefs. Mixed religions in a society bring people to be open-minded. However, in order for society to function well, one must live his religion privately without trying to convert others. Of course, religions should not control our society because people are allowed to hold the beliefs they consider to be right.

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Personally, I think that it should be a rule for all societies, because religion takes away part of the rational aspect of a decision, since the religious and spiritual aspects of it and your beliefs as well as your faith blur it. For example, if I’m the leader of a society and the most popular religion (which is also mine) is to adore boats and pray them, I’m going to invest a lot of money to build boats and to maintain and service them, even if it’s not necessary to the well-being of the society and there are more important issues to be dealt with.

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