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I chose this article about a young bodybuilder because I regularly workout at the gym and often see young teenagers there simply because they want to be with their friends. They don't really have a clue how to workout. In the article however, the child that is working out clearly knows how to workout. At the same time, I have never seen anyone this young doing any bodybuilding before. The boy is only nine years old, and has been trained by his father since the age of two years old.

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I remember when I was six years old and my parents had this cellphone where you could barely see the number you were calling. Today, you can have a video call with almost anyone. Technology never stops developing. Every new thing it brings up is more and more surprising, interesting and revolutionary. I selected this article because technological advancements truly grab my attention. I find it amazing that people were able to create these remarkable gadgets.

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Industrial food dyes are used every day in the production of numerous processed foods. Tartrazine (also referred to as Yellow #5 or E102) is one of the artificial food colourings that is the most used. It is derived from coal tar and it is cheaper than its natural equivalent, beta carotene. A lot of the products that we use consume contain tartrazine: Mountain Dew, mustard, Kraft Dinner, some soaps and shampoos, ice cream, drugs and way more.

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