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               Psychology is one of the recent sciences in the field of Social Sciences. It started in the late 19th century; Wilhelm Wundt and William James settled the basis of this new discipline1. As this science progressed, it supported theories that would now be considered foolish. For example, psychologists once thought that the shape of the head could predict if someone was a criminal or not2. Fortunately for us, psychological theories are now backed by solid scientist proofs even it is still a science in evolution.

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Does sexism in advertising influence the media in a troubling way? The media plays a huge role in the commerce program, especially in marketing. Marketing tries to sell products by conveying a message, and this is done best through advertising. However, sexism in advertising influences the media in a troubling way. When it comes to gender based advertising, there is either the issue of sexism or fulfilling stereotypes.

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Saguenay’s mayor Jean Tremblay posted a video of himself on YouTube explaining his outbreak against Greenpeace and “the intellectuals of the world”. He debates that many workers in industries are losing their jobs due to projects that are stopped by Greenpeace, because they affect the environment in Saguenay. "Leave us in peace, says Ms. Tremblay. ‘We know very well what the environment is and we have great respect for nature, but we also want to develop and we want our workers to have jobs."

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Politicians and civil servants are often in contact with sensitive information that is, in many cases, classified. In the US alone, 4.9 million people have access to classified documents (Knefel, par. 4). If classified information does not respect someone's ethical values, should (s)he tell it to the public? Should all type of information be published in the name of public good? These are all important questions to determine if whistleblowers help society or weaken it. This article will concentrate on whistleblowers that tell government’s secrets. Whistleblowers face a difficult choice.

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