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Little girls from around the globe grow up watching Disney and aspire to be a future princess. I have myself grown up constantly watching Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella. The Disney franchise has a dominating presence in our children’s lives. This then leads for the franchise to have an immense influence on our children’s perception of what is right, what is wrong, and most importantly for young girls, what they should expect when they are older. Disney has provided a very distinct image of the female characters in their movies.

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Last Thursday, the state of Indiana passed a controversial law, Bill 101, also know as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which allows business owners to deny service to certain customers on the basis of their (the business owners’) religious beliefs. The new piece of legislation was interpreted by the public as an opportunity for overt segregation, especially regarding the LGBT community. Some people took to the streets of Indiana in protest, but a far larger number reached for their smartphones and tweeted using the hashtag #BoycottIndiana to make their voices heard. The movement garnered celebrity support from the likes of George Takei, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Clinton, Chris Rock and many others. The aim of this hashtag campaign is essentially to impose economic sanctions on the state by refusing to buy goods or services either produced in, or from businesses headquartered in Indiana in order to denounce what is seen as a discriminatory law hidden under the cloak of freedom of religion. This most recent wave of hashtagtivism highlights a very important ethical issue, some may even say it is at the core of democracy; that of the separation of Church and State.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! The news industry is struggling to make profits. This is not breaking news, as statistics have shown the print industry’s rapid decline and the expanding number of online news sources over-saturating the market. It is no surprise that making money in this industry is difficult. That is why in recent years, publishers have succumbed to their advertising partners’ new strategy, called native advertising.

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Very few issues have been debated by mankind for as long as prostitution. The subject can be polarizing which makes it difficult for governments to legislate upon. It would be ridiculous to try and summarize the issue into a single moral dilemma. But since it has to be done let's look at it this way: there are two manners of considering prostitutes: as sex workers or as victims, whether they are seen as one or the other is often the main factor in determining sex trade policies.

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